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Quality Assurance

At Navdurga Apparel Exports, we are committed to providing the best quality mens shirts to our clients. To ensure this, we follow a strict quality process, which begins with the education and training of our employees and choosing the right suppliers. We make them aware that their work has a significant impact on the performance of our products. We believe in continuous improvement, which involves providing them with knowledge about our products and internal processes. Our goal is to maintain high quality standards consistently.

By doing this, we can assure our clients that they are receiving the best-quality mens shirts that are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and precision.

Excellence with Experience in Every Stitch

  • All products produced shall meet our customer requirements.
  • We provide sufficient training for all our employees about product knowledge, safety, social and critical control paths.
  • We ensure that all our products meet legal and social requirements including the European Environment Policy.
  • We ensure our products meet quality and delivery requirements of our customers by providing the best service throughout the year.
  • We ensure a safe working environment for all our employees.
  • We provide a rewarding environment for our employees to achieve our objectives.

Quality Check

To achieve our quality goals, we follow a comprehensive quality control system, which includes setting specific quality standards for all aspects of our manufacturing process.

We carry out checks at every stage of production, from fabric cutting to the final packing of the shirts. We prioritise environmental friendliness and maintaining high-quality standards in our manufacturing processes. We implement measures such as REACH standards, compliance with the European Environment Policy, in-process quality audits, and testing to achieve zero defects. Our quality system, AQL 1.5 (Accepted Quality Level), helps us identify and address any problems during internal processes. Corrective actions focus on predicting, preventing, and eliminating defects and errors.

We expect all our suppliers to be certified and use preventive techniques to meet our requirements.