Navdurga is one of our very old suppliers. We have been working together for more than two decades, and they have proved to be fair and reliable, together with a good communication flow. 'This' is a real partnership.


There is no doubting in their quality and hard work. Providing such efficient quality at very respectable price is the thing to be appreciated.

GV Mall

The quality of their Xpression shirts is unmatched. They are not the one who compramises on their products.

South India Shopping Mall

They always maintain their standards, and use high quality mill cloth only. One of the primary reasons they are always a class-apart.

The Chennai Silks

The quality of their linen is just top-notch. It has been more than 5 years working with them. They are always prompt on delivery and we can just say their Whiteclub is going to be top upcoming indian brand in years to come.